We are a Nomadic Couple for whom Travelling is not a hobby, a passion or an interest. We have traveled for 40,000 kms, 200 days through 15 (out of 29) states in India by making Roadtrips. Without any doubt, It is our Lifestyle.

We feel the experiences, learning & information we have collected while travelling can be useful for other travelers, backpackers, road trippers or even travel enthusiasts who wish to do something similar in future. Henceforth this Travel Blog for sharing our articles, pictures, travelogues, photo stories, videos anything & everything that we have archived during our travels.


Kulbir Saini

I am a Software Engineer and I work remotely (from home) and can work from anywhere while traveling with a basic 3G connectivity. I work in CST/CDT timezone meaning I work all night long and I am mostly free in the daytime (well, at least when I am not sleeping). Like everyone else, I don’t work on weekends and hence they are used to cover either long distances or staying nearer to the wildlife or remote places without worrying about connectivity.

Khushboo Vaishnav

I am a Research Scholar doing my PhD in Digital Marketing at IFHE Hyderabad. In past, I have worked in various industries like Advertising, Life Sciences, Banking & IT. Just like Kulbir, I can work remotely with a basic 3G connectivity which makes adopting traveling as lifestyle feasible & practical.