Vagamon – Pristine Beauty of Kerala

I was really looking forward to this roadtrip. For financial and personal reasons, somehow we couldn’t take any trip last year. So I was very excited to begin our nomadic lifestyle after a break of almost a year. This time we would be gone for a month.  We chose to drive through the Western Ghats of Kerala. I just had […]

Yana Caves : The Small Wonder of Western Ghats

Yana  is a village located in forests of Northern Karnataka, India which is known for the unusual Karst (Asteroid) rock formations. Proximity : 175 km from Goa & 53 km from Gokarna. If you ever happen to visit any of these famous tourist places, Yana Caves is perfect for a day trip with your family. How to reach there : If you are […]

Meditating with the Sunsets

“Lost, Yesterday, Somewhere between Sunrise and Sunset Two golden hours, Each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered for they are gone forever” — Anonymous Why do people often get so sentimental when it comes to Sunset? May be because we are too absorbed in the beauty to think about anything else. That absolute emptiness of not having a single […]

What did I accomplish, gain and realize by traveling ?

Accomplish Understand the concepts taught in school, which got ruined by profession. Finish the resolutions I made every year, in time much lesser than a year. Find the dream, I would like to dedicate my life to. Spend quality time with myself/family, that was always demanded and well deserved. Learning to love and appreciate the things around to their fullest […]