Vagamon – Pristine Beauty of Kerala

Vagamon - Pristine Beauty of Kerala

I was really looking forward to this roadtrip. For financial and personal reasons, somehow we couldn’t take any trip last year. So I was very excited to begin our nomadic lifestyle after a break of almost a year. This time we would be gone for a month.  We chose to drive through the Western Ghats of Kerala.

I just had a family vacation of 15 days at my hometown Ahmedabad and was now ready to fly to Kochi via Mumbai. It was a long boring flight but the thought of driving to Vagamon from Kochi Airport after being picked up by my husband, really excited me. (My husband was already on his Roadtrip around Kodaikanal since last 15 days)

The road from Kochi to Vagamon via Thodapuzha was one of the most beautiful roads that we have driven through. I must say we almost decided to retire and make a house in Thodapuzha!!!!! Such an idyllic place it was.

Once we crossed Thodapuzha the ascend started & so did the beauty and serenity. Kerala is so so so green, especially for a person like me who hails from Ahmedabad and who has just spent last  15 days at an average temperature of 40 degree Celsius. The breeze around the Western Ghats was very soothing and cool on my skin. It rejuvenated me so much  that I almost forgot that I have been up since 4 am in the morning and had a tiresome flight journey of 5 hours.

On my way to Vagamon through Thodapuzha


Right from your childhood all that you know about Kerala is Tea Gardens or Backwaters. And now that I am finally here. I cannot resist to take a selfie (though I am not much of a selfie person because I can’t take one!!!!!)



And as we travelled further, these Tea gardens were omnipresent. When you drive through them you feel God must be a painter. The symmetry, color and the vastness just overwhelms you.



And after a flight journey of 4 hours and a drive of 3 hours we reached Vagamon Holiday. It is a beautiful holiday home amidst the Tea Gardens of Vagamon called Holiday Vagamon. If you are looking for a Digital Detox with your loved ones, this place is just perfect for you. As soon as we arrived, we were pleased to see how spacious and clean our room was.


After settling down we just took a walk in the premises and were more than happy to do this. Just what you need for a cup of tea in the evening. A hammock !


The premises & the overall property was very scenic and calm. We had tea gardens, plants, flowers and trees all around us to relax our mind. And when that happens you just doze off. So did we.

Next day we had a grand breakfast(included in tariff) that was simple yet fulfilling. I have always been a fan of local cuisine and a farm fresh fruits wherever I go. Oh I just forgot to take the pic of the buffet breakfast because I was so busy in eating !

But take my word the breakfast they offer is grand, simple, nutritious & light on you stomach. Thats what you just want when you are traveling.

Sightseeing in Vagamon

Since Vagamon is quite a small place, the sightseeing places are just limited. Perfect if you are planning to travel juts over a weekend.

Vagamon Pine Forest

We skipped it because it was too crowded as it was a weekend. We skip any place that is congested with tourist crowd. But if one is interested, it can definitely be visited. Worth a try.

Vagamon Falls

Since we visited this place in May, the waterfall was not active. But should be visited  from June to September.

Vagamon Lake

Now this is one visit that is memory of a lifetime, at least for me. It’s a beautiful small lake amidst the Tea Gardens and very picturesque. Boating is very affordable and you can opt for Kayaking and Paddle Boating. We did both.

When we were paddle boating, the climate was very nice as you can see in the pictures.


After enjoying our paddle boat We decided that we will go for also Kayaking (as we never did that before). I think that was the best decision we took over. By the time we bought our tickets for Kayaking, it started raining heavily.In Kerala, rainfall can happen anytime, even in May.

And just like that something as simple as just Kayaking became an adventure for us out of nowhere. Other tourists and visitors left the lake since the rainfall was very heavy and the visibility also was very less because of clouds. Nobody except the lake administrator was around the lake. And that’s what you want just to make that perfect & romantic for the lifetime.

We continued with the Kayak amidst heavy showers and cool water. It was difficult to see ahead because of heavy rain. One could see the rain droplets taking the form of beads & diamonds over the surface of water till the horizon  below you. Also water is falling all over you in the form of thousand knives from above because the water is cold and the rain is sharp. And you have to keep moving the paddle with your hands amidst all this, in sync with each other to take the path ahead. Isn’t that is how a relationship is ?!!!1

Oh! what a sight & experience it was. I wish I was able to capture it in a video or photographs but it was too risky to take out the camera amidst the heavy showers. But you can imagine looking at the photographs what this place must be like when it showers heavily.

Some memories can never be captured but only be cherished. And that is what we are doing now while writing this post.

Good luck if you can experience something similar when you visit this region. Because that is the best part about this place.  It can rain anywhere anytime.


  • Always carry an Umbrella or Rain Jackets with you because in Kerala Ghats it can rain anytime anywhere
  • Take Room no 4 at Holiday Vagamon, if you want to be secluded and have a view of Tea Garden from the bedroom window
  • Alerts
  • When you walk through the Tea Gardens, be careful about the leech. Wear socks or high ankle shoes.



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