When I ate Bamboo Chicken for the First Time.

When I ate Bamboo Chicken for the First Time.

For every traveler there is a checklist that they follow while visiting any place.

Top Sights — Check.

Day Tours & Activities — Check.

Festivals & Events — Check.

Shopping — Check.

Sunrise and Sunset Points — Check.

Food — Hmmmmm not so sure !!!!!

Well, this department is an issue with travelers like my spouse. They have this big apprehension about endearing new culinary experiences. And so people like us, for whom anything and everything under the sun is almost edible, are most of the time deprived of delicacies that are not only edible but worth a try.

But fortunately this time on our Roadtrip to Araku Valley, we were accompanied by our friend, who was more than willing to try a local delicacy called Bamboo Chicken. In fact, it was him who told me about Bamboo Chicken that was very popular in the Araku Valley.

So now here we are to find this thing out and get to know what the hell the fuss is all about this delicacy . When you are in Araku Valley, its impossible to not being able to find Bamboo Chicken, because it will find you.

It is almost everywhere in the valley. At all popular destinations, along the trails or even on the roadside while you are driving. And even if you cant see it, the aroma of this dish is so strong that you will soon discover your proximity to some exotic chicken being made nearby but only to be more delicious and tastier this time.

So what exactly is this Bamboo Chicken ?

Well it is just like any other Chicken Starters we usually have in India, with the only difference that the vessel in which it is cooked is actually a Bamboo Stem. Yes, they don’t use any artificial utensils or heat to cook this. Its completely organic and the most natural form of chicken that you can ever have.

How Bamboo Chicken is cooked

So first of all they take a Bamboo stem that is long and wide enough to be filled with the large chunks of chicken. This is how they look.

Bamboo Stem to fill the large chunks of Chicken

Then you marinate the chicken with local Herbs and Spices that are grown organically in the Araku Valley Region. These include Ginger, Garlic, Garam Masala, Clove, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Poppy Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Coriander Leaves, Red Chilli & Turmeric. As you can see in the picture below the chicken is marinated in a vessel with all these spices and herbs.

These marinated chicken is filled in the Bamboo stem after being wrapped in Adda Leaves. (Indians have a tradition since centuries to cook and serve their food in Adda or Banana Leaves)

Marination of Chicken Chunks with local Herbs & Spices

Once the marinated chicken is stuffed in the Bamboo stem, these stems are placed on Coal -Fired hand stove made of stones and cooked for hours. This slow cooking allows the Herbs and Spices to completely dissolve into the juices of chicken that make it tastier and healthier than any other form of chicken you would have ever had in other Restaurants or Hotels.

Slow Cooking for hours on Coal Fired Stove in Bamboo Stems.

And you have this finger licking local delicacy of Araku Valley of Andhra Region, ready to be hogged on, at a minimal price of INR 250 for half kg of Bamboo Chicken.

Bamboo Chicken

Now who wouldn’t like to have this, while trekking and driving for long in the trails of valleys of Araku, transcending through the Hills, Caves and Waterfalls.

So next time you go to Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh, you know what to do. Just eat the damn Bamboo Chicken.

And people like him, who are just too fussy about the food they eat, only get to do this.

Happy Hogging !!!!

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